Arduino Projects

Contact less Tachometer

Automatic Railway Gate Crossing

Automatic Traffic Light Control

Automatic Presence Door Opening System

Automatic Water Tap

Automatic Room Light Control

Visitor Counter (LCD)

PIR Based Motion Activated Home Light

IR Remote Controlled Home Light

Multi Channel IR remote Controlled Home Appliances

Smartphone Bluetooth Controlled Home Appliances

Smartphone Voice Controlled Home Appliances

Speed Control Of DC motorBy PWM

Line Follower Robot

Obstacle Avoider Robot (IR Sensor)

Obstacle Avoider Robot (Ultrasonic)

Water Level Measurement ( conductivity Probe)

Water Level Measurement ( Magnetic Float Sensor )

Water Level Measurement ( Ultrasonic Sensor )

Ultrasonic Distance Meter

RF Remote Controlled Home Appliances

RF Remote Controlled Robot

RF Remote Controlled LPG Detecting Robot

GSM Based SMS controlled Door Lock

GSM Based Passwored Protected Door Lock ( with Acknowledgement to Owner)

Passwoed Protected Door Lock

Air Mouse (wired)

Air Mouse(Wireless)

Wireless Gesture Controlled Robot

Digital Voltmeter

Fire Fighting Robot

PC Controlled Robot Using Bluetooth

Smartphone Controlled Robot Using Bluetooth

IR Remote Controlled AC Fan Regulator

IR RemoteControlled DC Fan Regulator

Temperature Controlled Heater And Fan

Temperature Controlled AC Fan speed Controlled

DTMF Controlled Robot