Interfacing Of Modules And Devices

16×2 LCD Interfacing

Driving 16×2 LCD By 3 Pins (using Shift Register)

Matrix Keypad

Capacitive Touch Keypad

433/434 MHz ASK RF Module

SIM 900A GSM Module

Relay control


DS 1307 Real clock Timer (RTC)

Geared DC Motor Direction And Speed

Servo Motor

Stepper Motor

IR Remote And TSOP Sensor

HC 06 / HC 05 / Bluetooth Module

ESP 8266 Serial WI-fi Module

NodeMCU ESP 8266 Wi-Fi And Microcontroller

NRF24l01 RF Module (2.4 GHz Transreceiver)

NRF24l01 PA + LNA RF Module (2.4 GHz Transreceiver)


Mouse And KeyBoard

SD Card